Recent Exhibitions

2019 Gathered Vernacular, Rm Gallery, Auckland

2018 Boldini’s Line, Compression Members, Dunedin Public Art Gallery

2016   Pastoral Scheme, Blue Oyster Art Project space, Dunedin

2016   Shared Ruin, w/Kristina Tsoulis-Reay, Sutton Gallery Project space, Melbourne

2016   Parlour Games, Wallace Arts Trust, Pah Homestead, AK, /group show/ 

2016   Realising Stuff, Glovebox, Ak /groupshow/

2016   A Revolution has to start somewhere, Hamilton /group show/

2015   A Modest Addition,w/Claudia Jowitt, George Fraser, AK

2015   Future Home of Stucco Monstrosity, Man Friday, Christchurch

2015   Three's Company, w/Ophelia King & Nina Lloyd, Rockies, Ak

2015   Hey, Cutie, w/Ophelia King & Nina Lloyd, Pilot, Hamilton

2014   Irrational Interior, Fuzzy Vibes, Ak

2014  Terrace Setting, w/Yolunda Hickman, Rm Gallery, Ak




2013 Masters Degree, Elam School of Fine Arts

2012 Post Graduate Diploma, Elam School of Fine Arts

2005 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Elam School of Fine Arts




Selected Texts

10 things I like about Terrace Setting, Emil Dryburgh

Art New Zealand, Pastoral Scheme review, David Eggleton

Compression Members, Exhibition Essay, James Hope