Boldiniā€™s Line - Eight composite modern multi panels.

Compression Members, Dunedin Public Art Gallery

Nov 2018


Pastoral Scheme, Blue Oyster Project space, Dunedin

Art New Zealand Review, David Eggleton

September 2016


Shared Ruin w/ Kristina Tsoulis-Reay, Sutton Gallery Projectspace, Melbourne

July 2016


Parlour Games, Wallace Trust, AK

April 2016


A Modest Addition w/ Claudia Jowitt, George Fraser Gallery, AK

September 2015


Future Home of Stucco Monstrosity, Man Friday, Christchurch

August 2015


Three's Company w/ Ophelia King & Nina Lloyd, Rockies, AK

July 2015


Hey Cutie w/ Ophelia King & Nina Lloyd, Pilot, Hamilton

July 2015

#500Words Review, Peter Dornauf


Irrational Interior, Fuzzy Vibes, Auckland

November 2014

Eye Contact Review, Amy Weng


Terrace Setting w/Yolunda Hickman, RM Gallery, Auckland

November 2014



Facade Charm w/Amber Wilson, Window, Auckland

May 2014

Eye Contact Review, Lance Pearce


"Exploring Color And Texture As An Expression Of Structure..." - Portland Cement Association 1966

Masters Presentation, Elam School Of Fine Arts